the transition into adulthood is challenging for anyone, but for youth in foster care it can be especially stressful, lonesome, and uncertain. the design concept was to create a space for youth aging out of foster care that will prepare them for a successful life beyond the foster care system. located in washington dc, this transitional housing will provide a secure, motivating, and accountable environment that encourages youth to achieve both their short and long-term goals.

guiding principles

-a secure environment
-a space that inspires and encourages youth
-plenty of spaces for youth to visit with family members and friends -use of materials and colors that evoke calm yet motivating feelings -a space where youth feel wanted and cared for
-opportunities for youth to give back to their communities


Washington, DC

Washington, DC

how does the project relate to the surrounding area?

there are so many youth who age out of foster care in the washington dc area that become homeless or have little to no guidance. having this center located in the heart of the nation's capital will raise curiosity within the community and allow people to come learn more about the center and possibly want to be a part of it all.

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