Little Miracles



Little miracles maternity center is ready for you and your bundle of joy! the facility is designed to offer patients, physicians, and staff an environment that uniquely accommodates special birthing preferences – from essential prenatal care, to day of delivery. at little miracles maternity center, women are empowered and given control during the labor and delivery process. the warm residential feeling environment, through the use of soft color palettes and gentle ambient lighting, creates a serene, peaceful, and nurturing stay for mother and child

guiding principles

-use of natural elements within the space to create a calm, welcoming and peaceful birthing center -ada compliant
-universal design
-open floor plan with consideration of privacy

-lighting design should contribute to a calming ambience
-rooms should be spacious and support and encourage women to maintain mobility -provide inviting spaces for families to spend extended amounts of time with new mothers -soft color palette

patient room

patient room

nursery perspective

nursery perspective

benefits of natural childbirth

a natural, unmedicated approach to labor and birth will suit you best if you want to remain in control of your body as much as possible, be an active participant throughout labor, and have minimal routine interventions such as continuous electronic monitoring.

if you choose to go this route, you accept the potential for pain and discomfort as part of giv- ing birth. But with the right preparation and support, women often feel empowered and deeply satisfied by natural childbirth.